Saturday, September 12, 2009

Will the Metro change Dubai's car culture?

Not likely, according to this report. Quite strange, it seems that the Westerners are more likely to use the Metro than the locals. This is also the case in Singapore.


  1. With car, you can move around rain or shine. Car provide mobility much better than any other kind of transport. With the mobility of a car, you can accomplish many tasks in a day.

    There is no doubt about the benefit of a car. The only way to get people give up their cars is to make it inconvenient and expensive.

  2. For me, fastest route by trains and buses to my destination involves walking to the train station, taking a train, changing to another train, and taking a bus, taking 70 to 90 minutes total. The route is unnecessarily circuitous and transfers can eat up 30 minutes. Trains are often crowded, and because of so many transfers, I do not get much opportunity to sleep even I get seats. I get quite tired when I reach my destination.

    Taking a taxi typically takes only 20 to 30 minutes, but at a cost of at least $12. In the end, although taxis are expensive, I find that I tend to take taxis quite a lot.

    I say, please make public transport more efficient. Our buses are very slow, and the train network is still fairly limited.


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