Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pay ERP by the day

A reader commented in the Straits Times Forum that some lorries have to stopped studdenly before entering the ERP as they did not have sufficient money in the cash card. He suggested that the driver should be allowed to pay the ERP within the same day. This is practiced in London.

I agree with this suggsetion. There is already a scheme to allow the ERP to be paid through credit card, but this requires the owner to register for the scheme in advance. It does not help the cases where the cash runs out unexpectedly, or where the cash card does not work.

We need three ways for people to pay the ERP charges:

1.  Cash card - which is now commonly used
2. Credit card - for monthly billing
3. Pay within the day - where the cash card runs out of money

Long taxi queues at Changi Airports

I saw a long taxi queue at Changi Airport. Someone said that it streched for 2 kms. There must be at least 100 taxis waiting for 1 hour or longer to pickup a passenger.

This seems to be a waster of resources. The taxis can be put to better use to carry passengers who need the taxi service. There must be something wrong with our fare structure.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My wish to improve the bus service

I had to take a bus from Chijmes to Bugis Junction. I wanted at the bus stop and waved down the number of my bus. It did not stop. Another passenger told me that I had to go to another bus stop.

I had to walk up to two bus stops along Victoria Street to get to the right stop. It was a long walk. If I went the other direction, it would be shorter (but there was no sign).

It will be better for each bus stop to show a map of the locality. It will show all the major buildings, roads, bus stops and service numbers. It will also give some indication of walking distance.

The Land Transport Authority has, so far, refused to take my suggestions to show the locality map. They prefer to show an index of roads. Maybe, they should have both.

I found that there were 10 bus services travelling along Victoria Street to my destination. It was difficult to remember all the numbers. I had to write it down. 

I prefer a system of local bus. There should be only 1 bus travelling down each major road. I do not mind changing to another bus to take me to the next stretch. 

The current bus system is complicated. Each passenger has to carry a bus guide.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Light bus or taxi service to serve a town

I visited AMK Hub to buy some accessories for my home. Although it is a working day, the car park is full and there is a long queue of cars trying to get into the mall. I decided to keep the mall.

It does not make sense to drive a car, due to the high ERP and parking charges and difficulty to get a parking space. 

I hope that there is a light bus or taxi service that provides a low cost service for a local town and allows people to move around easily. The waiting time should be less than 5 minutes. This will be more convenient than driving. It will reduce congestion and lack of parking space. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Long taxi queue at Changi Airport

There was a queue of 100 taxis at Changi Airport. It extends for perhaps 1/2 or 1 kilometer. Is this wasteful? Surely the taxis could have been put to better use to take passengers around Singapore, rather than wait in the queue. 

Things does not seem to be right in Singapore. We appear to have wasteful practices. I hope that this type of inefficiency can be corrected.

Metal detector at Changi Airport

For several years, I have found the security check in Changi Airport to be ridiculous. To avoid the beep as I walked through the metal detector, I remove my key chain, belt, pen, coins and other objets . The detector still beeped, requiring a body frisk.

I did not have to go through this situation in most other airports. Changi Airport seems to be the exception. I have given several feedback, but it went unheeded.

To my great surprise today, the detector did not beep, although I had my pen, belt, coins and key inside my pocket. Has Changi Airport finally acted, after a few years, and changed the sensitivity of the detector? I have to try a few more occasions to be sure.

Perhaps, other travellers can share their experience?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No need to use the horn

I was turning left from Draycott Drive to Steven Road. The car in front made a sharp turn into my path. I had to apply the brake to avoid a collision. I did not use my horn - unlike most other drivers in Singapore.

The car had to make the turn to avoid collision with another car. He might have been somewhat careless, but sounding the horn will not make any difference - other than to add to the stress that the driver had gone through.

Singapore drivers like to use the horn to express their anger. There is no need to.
On other occasions, the horn is used to stop the car in front from moving into one's lane. How selfish of the driver behind.

In many countries, the horn is used to tell the driver in front that is is all right to move into the lane, as the driver at the back is aware about the intention. This is a considerate behavior.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Feeder bus service

Summary of 30 replies.

1. What is your primary form of transport?

Train 65.4%
Bus 19.2%
Car 15.4%

2. Which system of bus service do you prefer?

Feeder service 36.0%
More direct bus service (but wait longer) 64.0%

3. Which type of feeder service do you prefer?

Big bus, longer wait, lower fare 36.0%
Light bus, shorter wait, higher fare 64.0%

4. Which system do you prefer to pick up and drop passengers, but only along the designated route

Only at designated stops 36.0%
Pick up at designed stops, drop anywhere 24.0%
Pick up anywhere, drop at designated stops 8.0%
Can pick up and drop passengers anywhere 32.0%

Feeder bus

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Trains are now less crowded

I was surprised that the trains were less crowded in December. Here are some possible reasons:

> Less people in Singapore during the December holidays
> Economic slowdown
> More trains operated by SMRT

What is the main reason?