Thursday, January 29, 2009

My wish to improve the bus service

I had to take a bus from Chijmes to Bugis Junction. I wanted at the bus stop and waved down the number of my bus. It did not stop. Another passenger told me that I had to go to another bus stop.

I had to walk up to two bus stops along Victoria Street to get to the right stop. It was a long walk. If I went the other direction, it would be shorter (but there was no sign).

It will be better for each bus stop to show a map of the locality. It will show all the major buildings, roads, bus stops and service numbers. It will also give some indication of walking distance.

The Land Transport Authority has, so far, refused to take my suggestions to show the locality map. They prefer to show an index of roads. Maybe, they should have both.

I found that there were 10 bus services travelling along Victoria Street to my destination. It was difficult to remember all the numbers. I had to write it down. 

I prefer a system of local bus. There should be only 1 bus travelling down each major road. I do not mind changing to another bus to take me to the next stretch. 

The current bus system is complicated. Each passenger has to carry a bus guide.

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