Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No need to use the horn

I was turning left from Draycott Drive to Steven Road. The car in front made a sharp turn into my path. I had to apply the brake to avoid a collision. I did not use my horn - unlike most other drivers in Singapore.

The car had to make the turn to avoid collision with another car. He might have been somewhat careless, but sounding the horn will not make any difference - other than to add to the stress that the driver had gone through.

Singapore drivers like to use the horn to express their anger. There is no need to.
On other occasions, the horn is used to stop the car in front from moving into one's lane. How selfish of the driver behind.

In many countries, the horn is used to tell the driver in front that is is all right to move into the lane, as the driver at the back is aware about the intention. This is a considerate behavior.

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