Sunday, December 6, 2009

Security measures went absurd

I went through security screening 2 times at the airport in Banda Aceh and another 2 times at Medan where I took a connecting flight to Singapore. Each time, I was screened on entry to the airport and on entering the waiting area. I had to remove my mobile phone, keys and other metal objects for the screening.

On return to Singapore, I was screened again. This is a special exercise carried out an random. In total, I was screened 5 times on this trip.

I wonder if all the screening was really effective. If there was a terrorist or hijacker, would they have a better way to send in a bomb or weapon, rather than carry them as a passenger? If a terrorist went as a passenger, would the elaborate screening catch them?

With the countless screenings that are being carried out at airports around the world, did they manage to catch a terrorist? It is easy to carry out these screening mindlessly under the umbrella of "security". This is also good business for security consultants and airport personnels.

I hope that someone will really check on their effectiveness, or look for better ways to solve the problem.