Sunday, December 6, 2009

Security measures went absurd

I went through security screening 2 times at the airport in Banda Aceh and another 2 times at Medan where I took a connecting flight to Singapore. Each time, I was screened on entry to the airport and on entering the waiting area. I had to remove my mobile phone, keys and other metal objects for the screening.

On return to Singapore, I was screened again. This is a special exercise carried out an random. In total, I was screened 5 times on this trip.

I wonder if all the screening was really effective. If there was a terrorist or hijacker, would they have a better way to send in a bomb or weapon, rather than carry them as a passenger? If a terrorist went as a passenger, would the elaborate screening catch them?

With the countless screenings that are being carried out at airports around the world, did they manage to catch a terrorist? It is easy to carry out these screening mindlessly under the umbrella of "security". This is also good business for security consultants and airport personnels.

I hope that someone will really check on their effectiveness, or look for better ways to solve the problem.


  1. The intensive security checks may have actually deterred would-be terrorists.

    Please don't take these things for granted. Better be safe than sorry!

  2. Screenings are meant as a deterrent
    Effectiveness comes from intelligence
    Never let down the guards and as above said its better safe than sorry

  3. It is a joke that many a times the screener looks more like a terrorist than those being screened.

  4. Flights returning from Indonesia have a high chance of getting screened

  5. A journalist from the Straits Times should pretend to be a potential terrorist and put a mock wmd on a bus to enter Changi Airport and report the findings. I felt those who checked the buses are just going through the motion. From their body language I can tell that they do not know what they are doing and just goes up the bus and pretend to look around and then get off the bus again. They should be tested like in a drill instead of waiting for something real to happen and then WKS have to come out and fire the director again.

  6. Before we can clear all their(terrorist) hatred if it is possible, these(screenings)are the only way to protect ourselves, precondition is not to further provoke them. (like always boasting our tight security)


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