Thursday, January 1, 2009

Trains are now less crowded

I was surprised that the trains were less crowded in December. Here are some possible reasons:

> Less people in Singapore during the December holidays
> Economic slowdown
> More trains operated by SMRT

What is the main reason?


  1. Simple. No school children with anxious parents in tow.

  2. Fewer people go to work in December. My office has less than 50% its normal occupancy.

  3. Mr. Tan, it's definitely because many Singaporeans go on vacations/ clear leave during the year end. In our office, half of the people were clearing leave at any one time in December.

    And students don't go to school from mid Nov/ Dec, even supplementary lessons, ECAs etc are less frequent compared to the Jun hols. If they only go out half the time they are on holiday, that's a lot of difference in human traffic.

    Maybe you can do a comparison once school reopens tomorrow? Haha. I'm dreading the crowd on MRT again.

  4. during holidays ppl get out of singapore. this can be seen every holiday season.


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