Monday, January 5, 2009

Feeder bus service

Summary of 30 replies.

1. What is your primary form of transport?

Train 65.4%
Bus 19.2%
Car 15.4%

2. Which system of bus service do you prefer?

Feeder service 36.0%
More direct bus service (but wait longer) 64.0%

3. Which type of feeder service do you prefer?

Big bus, longer wait, lower fare 36.0%
Light bus, shorter wait, higher fare 64.0%

4. Which system do you prefer to pick up and drop passengers, but only along the designated route

Only at designated stops 36.0%
Pick up at designed stops, drop anywhere 24.0%
Pick up anywhere, drop at designated stops 8.0%
Can pick up and drop passengers anywhere 32.0%

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