Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Difficult to get a taxi

I had to get a taxi as my car was suddenly not available. I did not wish to call a taxi as I was not sure about the calling charge ($2.50 or $4).

I tried to get a taxi on the main road. It was very difficult. I could not see if the oncoming taxis were available or not. Some of the empty taxis could not stop, as the road was congested.

I had to take a bus but went to the wrong stop for my connection. So, I took a taxi again. The trip of 2 km cost me $8 inclusive of peak hour surcharge and the bus fare). It took more than 30 minutes, inclusive of waiting time.

It is a big hassle and very costly to get a taxi in Singapore. I hope that the Land Transport Authority realise that the taxi system does not work well.

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  1. There are much info in the internet regarding Singapore public transport inclusive of taxi. Singapore is of first world status, how can it have a third world fare? Be realistic. Its the Cheapest in the world now.
    The system is not ideal. The bus is still taking too long, and taxi has to stop at designated location really makes taxi impractical. Seriously, it may not be LTA's job. It seems that they have a bigger pie to chew on then the rest of the dept. May be a independent dept can be set up to look into the matter while LTA take up as consultation role.


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