Wednesday, September 23, 2009

High cost low availabilty of taxis

Mr. Tan,
The best solution to the taxi problem will be low cost high availabilty of taxis, the next best solution will be high cost, high availabilty, but we have got the worst solution of high cost low availability. Not only this, taxi drivers are joining the bandwagon of conmen as they pull out all their stunts to squeeze commuteres of every dollar while not delivering value.

As I am writing this, I am waiting for a taxi company to reply to my feedback of my daughter taking a cab that cost over $15 from Ang Mo Kio to Yishun. It is ridiculous to be paying for such a short journey such a high price. What I understand from my daughter is that the taxi driver tried his best to stop at every junction and to tailgate at the most crowded lane. Taxi drivers seem to have evolved their techniques of maximising profit at the expense of commuters. What should be a fifteen minute journey turned out to be more than 45 minutes.

What must change is for an independent body to monitor feedback instead of the same company monitoring it as there is no motivation to improve. It is just like asking the banks to investigate their own wrongdoings. What we get is just lip service.

Furthermore, the LTA must review its policies for obviously it is not working. High cost low availability is the worst solution and even a donkey can achieve it!


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  1. frankly, i hate taking cab for the following reasons.

    1) expensive. if u take during the morning, evening peak, the fare can be v v high. In addition, u nid to pay for the erp.
    2) when u need the cab during the most critical timing, it is unlikely u will get it (
    strange though when u dun nid one, there will be plenty available at the taxi stand). By the time u manage to get the cab, its oready half an hour gone.
    3) Some how or rather, someone will , maybe 50m or 100m infront of u suddenly appear and 'rob' ur long waiting cab.
    4) The ride in the taxi is always not pleasant. Most of the taxi drivers are running for time. U feel giddy when u alight.

    3 yrs ago, i decided i shall pay a small premium for all the inconveniences. I bought a OPC car. I never regretted.


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