Monday, September 28, 2009

Elevated covered walkways

There is a government campaign to encourage brisk walking through clubs that are formed all over Singapore.

I wish to suggest another way to encourage brisk walking that can be done everyday. For many people, the MRT station can be 1 or 2 km away from their home. They can be encouraged to walk for this last stretch, if it is safe and comfortable.

Walking is not practical in Singapore due to the hot climate, the occasional rain and the heavy traffic on the road.

I suggest that a network of elevated covered walkway, up to 2 km long, be provided to link several sectors of a town to the MRT station or bus interchange. This will encourage people to take up brisk walking every day and also reduce the congestion on the road.

There is an elevated covered walkway at the center of Taipei. It worked well and is popular. Hong Kong also has a network of elevated walkways linking the shopping malls.

Tan Kin Lian



  2. Mr Tan


    This more than anything else can encourage brisk walking and encourage more use of public transport.

    Not only that, encourage HDB heart lander shops to put up posters about special offers etc.Let these shops thrive.Schools in the neighborhood can also show works of their students ( paintings etc )

    XX Millions is being donated by the government to set up brisk walking clubs .This money should be used to build the walkways you propose

  3. Safer bicycle lanes would also help, especially with MRT allowing foldable bikes.

  4. Hong Kong got Central - Mid-Levels escalators linking:

    We could have similar systems in Singapore, although I would expect them to be more like travelators rather than escalators. This would solve part of the last mile problem.


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