Monday, September 14, 2009

Planning the new bus network in Singapore

I read a news report in Today paper about the new network of bus routes to be introduced by the Land Transport Authority. I searched the Internet and found this article which was published nearly two years ago. After that, there seemed to be little news.

I like the following measures:
a) central planning of the bus routes by Land Transport Authority (rather than bus operators)
b) hub and spoke approach
c) better connections and shorter waiting time to the hubs
d) introduce more competition (but the measures are not clear).

I shall try to get more updates or visit the LTA and talk to the planners.

Tan Kin Lian


  1. Why crack your head and jeopardize the million dollars salary. Use the same safe method:

    a) Increase or decrease COE quote.
    b) Increase encashment of scrap cars.
    c) Increase ERP gantries.
    d) Increase tax for petrol.
    e) Build more MRT, LRT, Circle lines and underground tunnels.
    f) Widen more roads.
    g) build more multi-stories carpark.
    h) Raise ERP charges.
    i) Increase fines of cars and road tax.

    See, anyone can do the above as it has been done again and again. Nothing change except Minister's Salary.

  2. Hi i hope you can talk to them about the private taxis and automated vehicles that you have talked about previously. i like those concepts and i hope singapore can have such a system in 10-20yrs. At present the short trip to the MRT by the short distance buses still have typical waiting time of 12-20mins in certain routes and this is unacceptable.

    Good luck.

  3. Hi JamesNeo
    Did you see the video about the CyCab. What are your views? Can you send an email to, so that we can discuss this issue further.


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