Sunday, September 6, 2009

A considerate driver

I looked for a car park space at the big parking lot in Ang Mo Kio. All the spaces were taken up (except for many spaces that are empty but "reserved for residents).

After going a few rounds, I found a driver enter into a car. The driver saw me waiting for the space. He came out immediately, so that I could drive in. He stopped for a while to comb his hair and to straighten his window.

It is rare to find such a considerate driver in Singapore. Most people will delay leaving the parking space, and let the other driver wait for a longer time. They seem to enjoy making people wait.

I wonder why it is necessary to have so many parking spaces that are empty, which are "reserved for residents". This seems to be the case for many HDB car parks in Singapore. It is quite wasteful to keep these spaces "reserved" when there is obviously a shortage of spaces for visitors. Perhaps it is time to review this policy of reserving the spaces.


  1. Maybe the authority can change "reserved for residents" carparking lots be effective from 7pm onwards.

    Then during the day time, these lots can be opened up for other users, so they don't have to spend time and fuel to look for empty guest lots.

    7pm onwards should be a good time, since these residents will be returning back from work.

  2. When one pays for season parking, it means one can find a parking lot anytime near or next to his/her flat or block.

  3. it causes frustration if i live there, purchased a season parking, and unable to get a parking space which i pre-paid for.

    This happens especially so at housing estates near amenities like food centre, market etc.


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