Sunday, September 6, 2009

Reduced air fare

I booked a ticket to Ventianne, Laos. The fare by a regular airline, transiting through Bangkok, is $750. The fare by AirAsia, transiting through Kuala Lumpur, was $300,but it require 1 night stay in KL to catch the connecting flight leaving KL the following morning.

I told the travel agent of the AirAsia option. He checked with the regular airline and came back with a reduction of $100 in the fare (based on its low season fare). The regular airline is keen to have the business, so they are willing to be flexible.

Subsequently, I found that I could stay at the transit hotel at KL airport for less than $100. I find it to be convenient. I may still take the AirAsia option.


  1. If reliability is important to you, consider the regular airline option as Air Asia is known to cancel or reschedule flights quite often.

  2. The article "Australians reveal their worst airline" (,28318,26002438-5014090,00.html) and the ensuing comments quite clearly illustrate the difference between budget airlines and regular airlines.

  3. I am a regular client of AirAsia on
    SIN-BKK-Udon route in past year.
    There was no delay or cancel case.


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