Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Higher productivity - reduce commuting cost

The strain on public transport and road congestion can be reduced, if more people work close to their home.

This requires a conscious effort by employers, workers and the Government. Employers should ask for the place of residence of their workers and give preference to workers who live nearby. They should also state their place of work in the job advertisements.

Workers should also choose to work in a place near their home, even if the salary and career prospects are more modest.

Employers need workers who are suitable for the jobs. If they exercise discretion, they will find many workers who are suitable. They can choose those who live nearby. Employers will also benefit from lower turnover of employers. When employees work closer to their homes, they are more likely to stay in the same job.

Government can play a role in encouraging employers to choose workers that require less time to commute to work. This will lead to higher productivity for the nation.

We have less crowded roads during the school holidays, when many workers take leave for vacation with their children. It would be nice if the roads are less crowded all round the year, by sensible employment practices.

This is a simple idea. I hope that it will attract the attention of the decision makers. It will be nice to have less crowded roads.

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  1. i agree to that..
    we can finish/produce more work if we really live near our working place..

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