Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Health form at Jakarta Airport

I had to complete a yellow form (for health clearance) at Jakarta Airport. It contained about 100 entries, which have to be written in small letters (as the form is quite small). It asked for information that are clearly irrelevant.

The health authority may not realise that this is an additional form, on top of the immigration and customer form that the traveller has to complete.

Guess what? The customs and health officials did not bother about what is entered in these forms. They did not realise that they are giving a lot of unnecessary hassle to the traveller (on top of security checks). I wonder why officials are so inconsiderate?

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  1. After collecting hefty fees as security taxes and airport taxes, they thought they have to come out with something to justify the hefty fees collected. Nowadays, airport and security taxes can cost more than the airfare collected by airlines. In return you get bossy looking minions who is unable to tell the difference between a bottle of massage oil or essential oil from chemicals to make a bomb but yet want to act as if they have the intelligence of Einstein. When one realises that their hard earned money is being used to pay off these people, my solution is to travel less nowadays and avoid the frustration and hassle in order to maintain my health.


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