Friday, September 11, 2009

Tiger Air Website

I had a bad experience in booking my ticket with Tiger Air. The website was unstable and kept going back to the wrong page. I had to enter my bookings more than 5 times.

When I was almost ready to complete the transaction, I found that the ticket cost $395, instead of the $200 that I was earlier led to believe. I found that they added the airport tax separately. There was no indication of this additional charge in the earlier part of the transaction. I find this business practice to be quite unsatisfactory.


  1. Tiger charge Conveience Fee and Visa Fee....

    I prefer Air Asia "all-in-fare".

  2. I have read quite a few times, in the paper about Tiger Airway's poor service.. and further to that they dont make any effort to response to the feed back.

    I have been using Jetstar no major issue just average service but looks like they are better that Tiger.

  3. That is pretty normal. Sometimes for nearby country, just book silk air, unless is really last minute booking, silk air can be quite expensive. If not, maybe is only slightly more expensive or sometimes about the same price.

    I find the way they charge is much clearer too.

  4. Tiger air may change your departure date/times after initial bookings. But if you want to clarify or contact them, there is no way because you can never find their address, the auto phone may need you wait even a few hours(listerning to recording that Tiger Air is the best budget air in this region). Only way to get them is by fax that they will reply you in 21 working days's time. Or you can go airport budget terminal to check with the tiger air staff if there is flight schedule.

    Jet Star and Air Asia are better.

  5. You go in with your eyes wide open!!!

  6. Tiger Air does seems to give poor service to customers. At Hongkong airport we had to go round searching for the counter to check in for our departure flight. They have to share counter space with other airlines with no sign display for guidance. Wonder other budget airlines are the same. It's unbelievable that it is 49% owed by SIA


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