Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Car parking should use the ERP system

Many car parks have now been upgraded to use the in-vehicle unit to record entry and exit and to impose the charges.

However, some old car parks still use the cash card. The motorists have to slot in the cash card on entry and exit from car parks. This is inconvenient.

According to a friend, even the car park at URA Center still use the cash card system. It is ridiculous as the Government insist that all motorist should pay their ERP charges by direct deduction from the cash card.

Perhaps the senior people at URA Center and in other buildings that use the cash card system do not realise the inconvenience that is suffered by their visitors. These senior people probably had season pass and are automatically passed through the barrier without using the cash card.

It is rather sad that the decision makers are not aware about the impact of their decision, or inactions, on the general public.

Tan Kin Lian

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  1. There is another reason. They are waiting for the Minister to ok this project. Since no one dare to propose during this downturn, nothing is done. As for the inconvenience, it is not their problem as their rice bowl and making the Millionair Minister happy is more important.


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