Monday, September 21, 2009

Car sharing using electric vehicle

I read a report that Paris will be introducing a car sharing scheme involving 4,000 electric vehicles. It is being championed by the Mayor of the city.

A member can book a vehicle by sending a SMS to the control center. A reply will be sent to tell the member the location of the nearest free vehicle (which should be within walking distance). The member can book the vehicle and drive it to its destination, which must be within the city. The vehicle can be parked there, waiting for the next user to book it.

The vehicle will be used for several trips during the day. The parking time is reduced.

This is more efficient than private cars, which are used by only the owner and are usually parked at the place of work for several hours each day. This requires more parking spaces and more vehicles, as each vehicle is owned by one person.

Car sharing is more efficient than private cars. The mode used in Paris is even more efficient, as it allows the car to be re-allocated for us, after reaching its destination.

A car sharing scheme allows the use of electric vehicles (which is not convenient as a private car).

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