Sunday, September 13, 2009

Too many cars, insufficient parking spaces

When I moved into a housing estate 10 years ago, the internal roads were empty, as all the cars were parked within the driveway to the houses.

Today, the internal roads are crowded with cars parked on both sides. Many houses have two or more cars, so some have to be parked outside.

When I drive to other places, I faced the same situation. It is difficult to find a parking space within the buildings or on the roads. There are far too many cars. It is a big hassle to park a car.

The cost of parking is high. In many places, it cost $3 for the first hour and $1 for each subsequent half hour. It can cost more than $5 to park a car for a 2 hour lunch.

This is why I prefer to take public transport, wherever possible. It may even be cheaper to take a taxi, than to drive.

Long term solution: Introduce a driverless taxi service. This is now being experimented in some cities. Commuters can call for a car at any time to be driven to the destination. This car is then available to be called by another commuter.

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