Monday, September 7, 2009

Staged Accident

A staged accident is created by a workshop. They engage someone to drive on a certain stretch of road and brake suddenly, causing the car behind to hit the car in front. The tow truck from the workshop appears immediately to tow both cars for repair. The repair bill is inflated.

Staged accidents had been happnening over the years in Singapore, but no action is taken by the Police against the culprits.

One day (and that was about 10 years ago), there was a staged accident involving the son of a Member of Parliament. The MP complained to the minister. For the next two weeks, there were many stories in the mainstream newspapers about the evils of staged accident and a big campaign to stamp it out. After a few months, the matter was completely forgotten.

This has to wait for another staged accident to occur to the family of an important person. Then action will be taken again. This is a sad state of affairs in Singapore.


  1. I support in-vehicle video camera and independent evaluator to clamp down inflated repair bill.

  2. These people should be banned from driving.

    Strangely, why aren't the insurance companies doing anything since it's in their interest to do so. They certainly have the money and authority to do so.

  3. To bring the culprits to court takes alot of committment and determination.... no other insurance company made that effort except during Mr Tan's watch, when 2 workshops were prosecuted... now THAT is doing something...

    It was during Mr Tan's tenure that NTUC Income's motor premium was consistently very competitive if not the lowest... He had an eye on the cost and fraud! He was committted to provide low cost insurance.

    I now realise why, the other insurance companies did not bother about their cost when it comes to motor insurance... Because of 2 reason :

    1) Motor insurance is complusory
    2) They can easily raise premiums when their cost goes up... as they can easily pass it on to the customers...

    They know that both the public and the govererment will not do anything about it!!!!

  4. That's such a sorry state of affairs.


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