Sunday, July 13, 2008

Taxi Booking Fee

A large taxi operators charge $3.50 to book a taxi during prime time (7 to 9.30 am, 5 to 11 pm) and $2.50 during the non-prime time.

Many commuters find these charges to be too expensive. They prefer to flag down a taxi on the road. They will call a taxi, if they are in a hurry, is desperate or on rainy days.

If the taxi operator can reduce the booking fee to $2 (prime time) and $1 (non-prime time), many people will be willing to pay the extra fee for the convenience of having a taxi at their doorstep.

The booking fee can be reduced, by the use of SMS booking. This will bypass the need for a call center to receive the call and match the taxis. Taxi drivers do not have to ply the road to look for a passenger. They can wait under a shaded tree and wait for a SMS to be sent to them, indicating the contact number and location of the passenger.

Such a system is now being developed.

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