Thursday, July 31, 2008

Planning a journey

If I have to drive to a place that I am not familiar with, I get the journey guide from this website:

I provide my starting point (e.g. my home) and my destination. I can use the address or postal code. Within 5 seconds, the application displays a map showing the route and also the roads to take and the distance.

At the destination, I needed a bigger scale of the map. I was able to change the scale and view the "last mile" road in detail. This is helpful.

I like the fast speed of this website.

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  1. Hi, Mr. Tan

    Thanks for including the website:

    We have recently re-developed the website.

    At, you can key in partial name of the location you wish to find, and the website will provide you a list of addresses matching with your query. Then you can choose the location without typing exactly accurate location name.

    For driving directions, you can simply click "search driving direction" button, or, click,

    you may key in the starting address at "from", and key in the destination address at "to", and then click "search driving direction" button, in less than 1 second, you will find the optimised driving direction.

    more importantly, we have redeveloped the website, and the speed is much faster now.

    Thanks for using


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