Monday, July 14, 2008

Check in at Airport

I checked in at the airport for flight to Manila. There is a long queue at the check-in counter. The self-service check-in kiosks for Singapore Airlines was under-utilised.


Planners forget that customers have many things to take care of. They are not familiar with the use of self-service kiosks, unless they are regular travellers on the same airline.

It is better to have more staff at the check-in counters to serve customers. By cutting down on service staff, the airline hopes to reduce cost and make more profits. But, they are adding a burden to the customers.

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  1. NAS: Well i think that the airlines should be on the look out for light travellers and direct them to the self check in counters. Its not all that difficult. In australia we can see more pple check in through the self check in service and I prefer it myself i.e choosing my own seat, observing the aircraft filling pattern and droppingmy own luggage at the drop-in counter instead of queing behind endless number of people just to drop in one bag.


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