Monday, July 28, 2008

Cities trying out Personal Rapid Transit systems

In 2008 construction of the first modern PRT system will be completed at London's Heathrow Airport; it will start carrying members of the public in 2009 after testing is completed. POSCO, the South Korean steel company, is testing a PRT system in Sweden. A second PRT test program is starting in Sweden, and sophisticated new concepts are being developed in Poland, Finland, and South Korea. Masdar, on track to become the world's first "green city," is planning a city-wide PRT system.

Today's leading PRT designs utilize a combination of commonplace, straightforward engineering, and off-the-shelf components. It is only a matter of time until it will be proven to the satisfaction of U.S. decisionmakers who are intrigued by PRT, but see political risks to being the first to try it.


  1. I think your summary is accurate. As for US based PRT systems, we'll probably be the last. We're too busy going bankrupt.

    Here's my own vision for how PRT will ultimately look...

    Any feedback is appreciated...


  2. They have been "developing" rapid transit for over 40 years. The computer is about 60 years old, by 40 years most middle-class Americans owned one.

    Nothing is happening with PRT, no operating systems. google
    Denver International Airport PRT for
    an account of how it does not work.

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