Friday, July 11, 2008

Fee to call a taxi

I carried out an online survey to ask respondents on the fee that they are prepared to pay to call a taxi to their pickup point. The results for 37 repondens are:

30% - prefer to call taxi on the road
60% - willing to pay $1 fee
10% - willing to pay $1.50 fee

60% are willing to pay a fee of $1. These are commuters who now flag down a taxi on the road. If the call fee is reduced to $1, many commuters will be willing to pay this fee for the convenience of a taxi arriving at their pickup point (i.e office or home).

If more people call for a taxi, there will be less cruising of taxi looking for passengers, and less diesel consumption.


  1. I closed the poll after 62 replies and guess what? The score is almost the same as for 37 replies!

    This is the magic of statistics!

  2. You mean a dollar is what a majority would be willing to fork out, looks a good deal, alas if they don't keep me on call, while the major telco would be happy to charge another dollar for the call, pricey affair.


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