Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shy of maps?

I took the train to Toa Payoh station. I wanted to visit a restaurant next to the Toa Payoh library. I search the station for a map or sign to tell me the direction to take to the library. I could not find any useful information.

I made a guess and decided to follow the sign to Toa Payoh Central. I asked a shop attendant, who gave me the direction to the library.

Why is there a lack of maps in Singapore. It seems that the Land Transport Authority does not like maps. They are not willing to display maps at the bus stops. They prefer to use a list of roads.

There is a locality map at the train stations, but it is not helpful. It does not show sufficient detail about the bus services to take to the locations (within 1 km) served by the station.

Many cities have excellent maps to help the locals and tourists to move around. I hope that the maps can be provided in Singapore at our bus stops.

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