Monday, July 14, 2008

Best signages in Singapore

I consider the signages at Changi Airport to be among the best in Singapore. I find the signages at our train stations to be poor.

I hope that the Land Transport Authority and SMRT will find out the name of the signage consultant used by Changi Airport and get their help to improve the signages at our train stations.

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  1. Singapore deserves more catching and bright signages owning to the sheer number of tourists who flock in every day.

    Here I live in Seoul, the city which does not speak english, but no dearth of singages that take me to the place whereever I wanted to go.

    And Seoul subway, is among the best I traveled, the frequency, the speed, number of coaches and crisp announcements, and above all, low price makes a lot difference. I believe SMRT has to learn a thing or two from outside to match it's offering truly travel friendly.


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