Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hub and spoke for public transport system

We should introduce a hub and spoke system to improve the public transport in Singapore. I wrote this article, which was printed in the Straits Times a few months ago.

Look forward to your views.


  1. Personally, I would find it a hassle to take two feeder buses every (working) day. It gets on your nerves.

    I would choose to, (a) live near a hub (within 15-20 minutes of walking distance), (b) work near a hub, (c) both.

  2. I find it acceptable to take a feeder service, if the waiting time is short and there is a short walk.

    Changing trains at MRT is quite convenient. We need to make the feeder service just as convenient.

  3. live near your working place, work from home, staggering working hour/day, decentralise commercial hubsm will help solve the traffic congestion issue...

  4. At a large bus interchange, there are many stops for different bus services. The commuter has to walk a long distance to reach the right stop.

    I hope that the feeder bus service will stop at each of the interchange stop, so that the walk will be shorter.


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