Monday, July 14, 2008

Excellent public transport in Hong Kong

Hi Mr. Tan

I read your article on improving transport system in Singapore ....

I have been living in Hong Kong for almost 4 years and noticed that a few of your recommendations are actually live examples in HK... for eg, the minibuses, trams and express buses.... I must say that the HK transport system is very good.

Of the two offices I used to work in, scheduled buses brought me to work with door-to-door convenience... minibuses gave me short travelling times at a fraction of what a taxi ride would cost. And the express buses are great.... not to mention the cheap trams (at less than 40 SG cents) which give you the ease of hoping on and off along the main arteries in Central....

And there is one more thing that I add... something that wasn't in your articles.... condos here have their own shuttle bus services... they are affordable and provide express transport for residents who live further away the main centres of activities like Central..

My baby is one year old and I decided to move to Lantau for its open spaces and greenery... the distance is long... (I am almost at the HK airport) ...but the shuttle bus brings me to work within 45 mins... when I was living in Mid-levels... it was even better... no more than 30 mins... and if its winter... I could even use the escalator...which is free!

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