Sunday, July 6, 2008

Feeder service

Some commuters said that they do not like to take a feeder service. This is based on their current bad experience with the system now used in Singapore.

A good feeder service system has the following characteristics:

> waiting time less than 5 minutes
> cost lower than the current charge
> brings the commuter to the MRT station or the boarding point of the express bus
> uses a light bus or passenger van
> have more stops at shorter distance
> does not have to make a stop if the bus is full

I hope that this new type of feeder service will be welcomed by commuters. It will make our public transport system to be more efficient. This will reduce cost and travelling time.


  1. I think we should bring back the electric tram service in order to have a more frequent and predictable feeder bus service. It can be a driver-less tram, so limited manpower is of no issue. Electric is greener than fuel powered bus.

    Hope everyone accept that the overhanging electric cable is the thing of the future, and not an unsightly thing.

  2. ...waited for my feeder bus for a good 20 minutes at Pasir Ris bus interchange during the evening peak a few days ago. I started my journey from from Tg Pagar MRT station to Pasir Ris, and it took me just about 30 minutes. But, here at the bus interchange, I had to wait for 20 minutes for feeder bus to reach my home, for a distance of just 1.5 km. It happened a few times this year. Hungry man makes an angry man !!!

    Also, there is this particular time slot in the morning peak where one cannot catch any feeder bus to interchange for more than 10 minutes. We just simply avoid the time slot. sigh !

    Service from the public bus companies must do something before they raise the fare this year again....


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