Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wasteful reserving of parking spaces

I visited my brother at his flat in Ang Mo Kio town center. My son, who was driving, went into the multi-story car park to park the car. We went up 11 levels to the roof. There were many empty spaces at the lower levels, but there were marked in red and reserved for season parking by residents. My son said, "This is crazy".

I agree. It seemed rather wasteful to have so many spaces reserved for residents, when they were unoccupied. Visitors had a difficult time to find an empty space to park the car. This situation has become extremely bad recently, due to the large increase in car population. It is difficult to find a parking space in many places all over Singapore.

The situation is very bad in HDB estates, due to the "crazy" and wasteful reserving of spaces for season parking that is not used in the daytime.


  1. I totally agree.Much petrol and time is wasted going up and up to the higher levels when there are plenty of empty parking lots reserved for people who only need it at night. Not to mention the polution to the environment with the wasteful production of carbon. Please have some sense and help the environment.

  2. I totally agreed with your comments on the multi storey carpark reserve lots, it is counter productive and result in consuming more petrol for the visitor to climb all the way to the visitor car park lot. HDB ought to review this policy during normal working hours for the visitor.

  3. Just wondering why they can implement daytime parking at red lots at certain carparks, but not others. You are allowed to park in the day, and these red lots were reserved for resident in the night from 7pm onwards. Why can't they do so in all carparks?

  4. That is only one side of the story. It is likely that you visited in the daytime, when the residents are out at work. I live in an area where the carparks are full at night, and i have to park more than 5 blocks away from where i leave depending on what time i reach home. Most of the lots are under season parking already, probably to solve the problem that i face. For someone who is visiting my block in daytime, they will not understand this and also wonder why these red lots are not white.

  5. I think that T.K.L. meant a daytime open parking from 7am to 7pm in residential carparks. Reservation for season parking from 7pm to 7am. Just like single yellow line.

    In fact, in commercial buildings, it could be reversed. Reservation from 7am to 7pm.

  6. I work from is equally fustrating when I drive out for lunch and come home not able to find a parking lot and had to drive up level by level searching for one.

    I still think people with season parking MUST have pirority in finding parking lot to park their car.


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