Friday, October 30, 2009

Reserved parking in HDB estates

REX said that in some HDB estates, the reserved parking for season tickets apply only from 7 pm to 7 am.
I am not aware about this arrangement. Can someone please confirm that this is the situation and name the HDB estates? For others where the reserved parking is full day, please report also.


  1. Yes, some reserved lots is only from 7pm to 7am, there is marking painted on the floor for the lots which have this plan, Example: Car park opposite Tampines secondary school.

  2. REX comments

    My data is based on the observation of a hdb car park opposite the NTUC and behind the kopitiam in Serangoon Central. I park free every sunday for some hours there. It can be quite crowded but it is always possible to find a lot, maybe a bit further walking down the car park, no issue.

    There is another car park in Lorong Ah Soo behind the PLMGS school, also same system. (I reckon this system is common in many estates where red lots are there.) In fact they just put up a signpost-board at this lor ah soo car park, mentioning the reservation times clearly. However the signpost was badly erected next to a tree on the grass. It was so poorly supervised. The flat-bed base was not horizontal levelled. Very poor workmanship.

  3. Yes 7pm to 7 am but only on weekdays.

  4. I think the whole aljunied GRC should be the same. Another residential car park near the one mentioned by REX at hougang ave 1 blk 101-105 .


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