Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A counter staff who said "yes"

I bought a budget air ticket that does not have any check-in baggage. I am allowed to bring a small carry on bag up the plane.

I asked the counter staff to look at my carry on baggage. Can it be taken up the plane?

She said that there is a weight limit of 10 kg. My bag weighed 11.5 kg. So, it should be disallowed.

She asked, "Do you have a laptop computer?". Yes. She said "Tell the security guard that you have a laptop and he will allow you through".

Wow. This is unexpected. A counter staff who said "yes". This is so rare in Singpore. People are used to saying "no", even when they are in doubt.

Kudo to Jetstar.


  1. Last year, Tiger employed a Chinese Team to check for overweight of hand carry baggage inside restricted area at Budget Terminal.

    This year, the Chinese team is not there!
    (Do you know why?!)

    Early-2009, I went on board and was stop by Tigeress for carry two baggage but not overweight. I told her its a laptop. She reply
    " NO" (not "NO SIR").

    Later, I observed that many "Angmo" carry extra large size baggage on board aircraft. Tigeress does not say "NO" !!!

    Now, I fly Jetstar and Airasia.

  2. i have seen similar customer friendly counter staffs in other airlines too.

    Nothing wrong on allow your bag as you could take out the laptop and measured, if you were purposely take more as laptop normally not taken for hand luggage weight.

    Anyhow appreciate this customer friendly & supportive staff.

  3. whether it's a yes or no, which is in line with their job duties, as long as the counter staff exercise basic courtesy and friendly attitude, that's what every passenger looks forward to.

  4. There was an occasion when I had to take a United flight to Boston. The flight, including transit, was more than 24 hours. United flights depart from Changi at 7am so check-in can be as early as 5 something in the morning. I travelled from Kuala Lumpur the night before and was at the transfer counter of United in Changi at 530am.

    The check-in staff asked me, "And how are you today"...I looked at her and smiled, and said, "Its a long long flight, today would be a lot nicer if you can give me a free upgrade".

    "Sure" she said, and I got a free upgrade to business class all the way to Boston.

    I have been taking United Airlines ever since.


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