Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Speed of automated car

I am visiting Paris to see an automated car that runs on electricity. There is no driver. The car uses GPS to find its position and has a computer to control the direction of the vehicle. There is a sensor to stop the car if there is obstruction ahead.

Recently, I have been observing my car to see the ideal speed of this automated vehicle. I found that a speed of 50 kph is acceptable and quite safe.

The automated car can be safer than a car driver by a human driver, as there is less human error.

I shall be checking if the car can be used in congested roads and if it can detect red light and stop the car at a traffic light. If the light turns green, it should start the car.

I shall also check how the car handles a change of lane, and if it is dangerous to cut into another lane with a car behind.

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  1. This is a good idea to transport elderly, disabled, young children to their respective institution during the day. So no need their caregivers to send them there. Also this car system can ferry back back home for dinner. Hope this will become a reality.


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