Sunday, October 18, 2009

Road names and house numbers in America

I like the way that roads are named in America. For example, in New York, the avenues run from North to South and are numbered sequentially. The streets run from East to West and are numbered sequentially.

Even the houses are numbered in blocks of 100 to follow the street. So, a house 1704 will be after 17th street. It is easy for taxi drivers and visitors to find the right house.


  1. That's a very clever idea.

    I think Singapore road layout is not as straight and boxy like in New York. Especially in the heartland estate.

  2. In US towns, they tend to bulldoze their way to pave their the streets across whatever obstacles to conform to the planned grid. In Singapore, streets seemed to be paved along the terrain lines or curves or bends of least resistance for paving, without consideration for later inconvenience. This isn't a Singapore peculiarity; I think that it's been the same in most Malaysian towns.


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