Sunday, October 4, 2009

Advertisements and public transport

I dislike the painting of buses, taxis and trains for advertisements. These vehicles should have a uniform colour for easy identification by the commuters. When they are painted, they are no longer uniform and may be confused with private vehicles.

Similarly, there are too many advertisements in some train stations, especially those in the city area. These advertisements obscure the information needed by commuters for the next stage of their travel. At the exit in Republic Plaza, I had difficulty finding the direction and staircase to the escalator as there were so many food outlets, with their advertisements, that clutter the "exit" sign.

The Land Transport Authority officers should inspect the stations and make sure that there is a standard of clarity in the direction signs for commuters. They cannot leave these matters to the operators who are more focused on their profits.

Some commuters believe that when the operators make more money from advertisements, they will keep the fare low. From my observation, these are separate issues. The fares are based on several factors, excluding advertising revenue.

It is all right for advertisements to be placed in the inside of trains and buses or on the back panel of buses, but the amount of advertising space used should be limited and should not from the primary purpose of the vehicle or stations.

This will leave the advertising for other media, such as the mainstream media and the outdoor signs.

Tan Kin Lian


  1. I dislike the TV mobile that is found on many public buses. Many a times the volume is too loud. Together with the engine noise, it becomes very irritating. But it is forced upon us, maybe because it generates advertising income.

    I would suggest that they turn down the volume. People who want to, can tune their radio to the FM channel that receives TV mobile. This will give people a choice.

  2. With so many adverts grabbing our attention, we learn to ignore them. So when LTA tried to push the EZ-link card replacement message, these messages just get inter-mingled with the other adverts and become ignored as well.

    In my opinion, the LTA actually put in quite a lot of effort in the MRT stations, because the message is repeatedly registered in me from very early on. But the message is lost on people who treat them as "just another advert". Or perhaps, when the stations are too crowded, nobody can see any adverts at all except the biggest ones.


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