Monday, October 5, 2009

Efficient train system in Europe

I have to visit Paris for a short business visit. I decided to spend a few days in London to visit a friend.

For the day visit to Paris, I have the following options:
a) normal flight
b) budget flight
c) train

My friend advised that the train is the best option. It takes 2 hours to travel by train from London to Paris (less than the time required to pass through security at the airports). The fare is lower by train, e.g. a return ticket can be bought for SGD 160. There are many train services every day.

I hope that Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand can develop an efficient and fast train service to connect the cities, to encourage tourism and travel among the people.

Tan Kin Lian


  1. due to politic reasons, i think it will be a long way to go. YTL group has proposed to build a high speed train btw KL and Sg but Msia govt has rejected the idea. Maybe Msia still waiting for a capable Malay (cronies) to do this.

  2. One of the biggest problem is that the existing long-distance rail system in Malaysia and Thailand are all narrow gauge ( While cheaper to construct, they cannot support heavier train loads and faster speeds. So for a fast commuter train system, the infrastructure has to be built again from scratch.


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