Sunday, December 14, 2008

Too much advertising

There are too much advertising in Singapore. Property owners are more interested to get the maximum advertising revenue, at the expense of the convenience of the customers.

Recently, I was at the underpass around Republic plaza, looking for the escalator to reach the street level. I cam across a section with many tables and eating stalls. I had trouble looking for the escalated, which was obscured by the eating places. There was so much advertising of the food, which obscured the sign to the escalator.

The advertising in the MRT stations is also overwhelming. The commuters sees advertising all over the place. It is difficult to find the signs and directions to get to a place around the station. The guide to the commuters is inadequate.

There should be a better balance. It is all right to have advertisements, but they should not crowd out the information needed by the commuters. Our businesses should be more considerate to the public. The regulators should exercise better oversight.

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  1. There should be a specific place for them to put up advertisements.


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