Saturday, December 13, 2008

More hand-rails needed on MRT trains

The MRT trains are crowded most of the time. Many passengers have to stand near the doors, as the rest of the carriage is full. There are insufficient hand-rails in these areas. It is difficult to hold on to something to stop from falling down. Some passengers have to lean on the end of the carriage to get some balance.

This is a dreadful condition. I wonder why this deficiency has not been corrected for so many years. Perhaps the top people in the government and the land transport authority do not take trains, so they are not aware about this situation.

I hope that their staff monitor this feedback and pass it upwards.


  1. MRT here crowded? The train operator will think you are lucky they don't employ people to push commuters into the train like in Japan.

    This is the price to pay to save money on car.

  2. Yes, the MRT is crowded, even increasing the freqency doesn't help much.

    This is my suggestion:

    I feel that we should assigned female only carriage in our peak-hour trains. This should improve the comfort level and optimize the number of passengers.

    (i am a guy)


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