Saturday, December 13, 2008

Electronic signs at MRT trains

A few months ago, I suggested that MRT trains should provide electronic signs to show the current and next station for the train, and which side of the door will open at the next station. At that time, I got a reply that one part of the suggestion will be implemented.

I was surprised to observe the electronic signs on a MRT train today. They implemented both suggestions and in two different ways. At each door of a carriage, there is a sign to show the current and following stations, and the door that will next open. There is also a few electronic signs containing moving messages down each carriage.

During the intervening period, there was no attempt by either SMRT or Land Transport Authority to call and tell me about how they plan to implement the suggestion.

I hope that the people in power in Singapore will talk and engage the public, especially those who make suggetions for changes. This new culture needs to start from the top, from the people who make decisions.

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  1. I think the MRT train companies should visit Taiwan to study their train systems there. I was pretty impressed with their train stations safety measures & signs. Examples:
    1) there will be red blinking lights on the floor of the platform to catch the attn of passengers that there's a train approaching. Our yellow lines don't help.
    2) Stations with open concept, those like our above ground stations, will have sliding glass doors separating passengers from on-coming trains. This concept prevents people from falling into the tracks.
    3) Escalators have yellow painted foot on each step. Left area with 2 feet signifying "stand still", right area has 1 foot on each step signifying "moving on the steps" with a yellow line separating left from right.
    4) Voice recordings played throughout the station, urging passengers to keep left or right, & of on-coming trains.
    5) Voice recordings in 4 different languages & dialects announcing the stations' name in the trains.
    6) Moving signage in the train showing the station the train has stopped & of the next station - as what Mr Tan has suggested.

    The above are some measures I noticed & think are great to help Singaporeans. I have asked some of my Taiwanese friends about the yellow feet on the escalators & they told me that a few years back, it seems that there was an incident of a lady's hair & scalp being ripped when she fell on the escalator nearing the end of it when people from behind pushed their way through, during peak hours. Hence I think the measures started to appear.
    Sometime I think Singaporeans, including myself, are super fortunate! We have people throwing garbage for us while the Taiwanese have to run after the garbage tracks if they are late!


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