Monday, December 15, 2008

Feeder Bus Services

The Land Transport Authority wishes to promote the "park-and-ride" scheme. It is better to promote feeder services. These services should meet the following criteria:

1. Be frequent
2. Short travelling time
3. Be affordable.

The light bus system used in Hong Kong is the best model. It should be managed by individual operators and not big companies.


  1. "Park-and-ride" is not suitable for a small country like ours. A user will rather drive a little more to his/her office than to crushing in a crowded peak-hour train.

    Further, it will take up too much precious land space for parking (home carpark and MRT carkpark).

    Another suggestion is to have bicycle or electric powered bicycle.

  2. Riding bicycle under rainy weather or extreme hot summer would be quite unpleasant. Still a light bus system should be more practical down here.

  3. One more requirement for feeder:
    QUIET buses. They are operating near hdb flats afterall.


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