Sunday, December 14, 2008

Double length bus used by SMRT

The double length bus used by SMRT should be disallowed on Singapore roads. They take too much space at the bus stops (i.e. taking the space of two buses) and make it difficult for other buses to use the same stop. These lenghy buses also take a long time to make a turn.

As these buses have double the capacity, their frequency will be doubled (as they have to fill up the bus as much as possible). The waiting time will be longer.

Feeder services should use the standard bus or a light bus (with fewer passengers). It allows them to move more agilely and also to have a shorter waiting time.

The bus service operators need to be considerate about people, and not insist of maximising profits.


  1. Did the bus company SMRT explain why they prefer the long buses compared to the double decker?

    All the points you made about the long buses I agree. It's just less optimal compared to double deckers.

  2. There's a problem. While profit is a valid consideration, there's a gross lack of competition.

    Basically, if you want your state-run companies to be profit-oriented and at the same time benefit the economy, you need competition.

  3. Mr Tan,
    Why would you take issue on a double length bus (bendy bus) ?
    We have one of the highest population density in the world, we need mass mover. I think that the bus company prefers a single level double length bus to ply the route where there are height constraint.

    Though I agree that there should be higher frequency bendy bus during peak hours.

  4. Large capacity buses is not suitable for feeder services. It has to take a longer route to pick up sufficient passengers to fill up the bus, adding to the travelling time. The frequency is also reduced, hence the long waiting time.

    Feeder services should be operated with small buses, like in Hong Kong.

  5. Spore authority wants less work to keep on checking on individual mini bus for safety and maintenance. They want big co to self-check rather than Ah Seng single owner of mini bus like in KL where safety is compromised. Their mentality is let the public check themselves as in the case of police force. They now hardly patrol the neighbourhood. They will only do checking at immigration checkpoints. House owners are answerable when they rent out their house. This is for self-monitoring so that the state do not have to waste time on them. But MAS must not hands-off in regard to financial chaos created by FIs.

  6. But Bendies are not used for Feeder Services, right?

  7. Bendies ARE used for feeder services. And they are NOISY as HELL. These monsters are already banned in London but they are still plying our roads.. and near HDB flats.. even late into the night. The screeches made by the tires can bring on heart attacks (No kidding). I live near a bus stop and every few minutes or so I hear these screeches (both sides of the roads, two feeders)and feel the vibrations up my stomach and spine. But there seems to be nothing I can do. I am only a small small fry who lives at the mercy of huge bus companies....If bendy buses don't go fast, I am supporting Mr Tan Kin Lian for presidency and his ideas about the use of lighter and less noisy private buses on our roads. Actually I support any party PAP or no PAP as long as they care about the people..If you do care, you have my gratitude and my loyalty...I don't count much but this is how I feel....

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