Sunday, December 14, 2008

Poor signages in Singapore

The signages in Singapore is inadequate. I had a lot of trouble using the underpass from NTUC Building to Republic Plaza. When I came to a junction, I did not know which direction to go, due to inadequate signage. I had to walk down a few ten meters to find that I took the wrong turn and had to turn back.

It seems that nobody test the signages to make sure that they are adequate and placed at the right places. Too many senior people use the cars, and do not bother about the convenience of people who take public transport.

There are inadequate maps. I find maps to be useful to show distrances, roads, buildings and the turns to take.

There is also lack of direction signs. When I am on an unfamiliar road, I do not know which the direction to take. In many well-organised cities, the street sign will indicate the direction that is north, south, east or west. It is helpful.

The signages in Singapore need to be improved. Is this the responsibility of the Land Transport Authority, Singapore Land Office or other agency?

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