Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Poor signage in Singapore

I took the underpass from One Marina Boulevard (NTUC Building) to Republic Plaza. The signage in the underpass is quite bad. I had difficulty finding the right turn to take in a few places.

I took the wrong exit and found myself on the wrong side of Cecil Street. I had to return back to the underpass.

I find the signage in Singapore to be quite bad. There are inadequate signs. They are not prominent displayed. Often, I wish that there were maps to show the roads and buildings, but it seemed that maps are taboo in Singapore.

When I arrived at the basement of Republic Plaza, I had trouble in finding the escalator to get out. The area was filled with eating places. It seems that the commecially minded property owners are more keen to get the maximum rental from the available space, rather than help the people to find the escalators and stairs.

I expect our regulator to be more pro-people, rather than allow business to extract the last dollar of revenue. The convenience of the people should also be considered as being important.

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