Monday, August 18, 2008

Taxi fares in various cities

This comparision was made in January 2008. Here is a rough comparison of taxi fares for a 5 km trip during the peak hours.

London GBP 9 SGD 30
Sydney AUD 12 SGD 16
New York USD 8 SGD 12
Singapore SGD 7 (plus ERP and CBD)
Hong Kong HKD 40 SGD 8
Taipei NT 160 SGD 8

Taxi fares are no longer cheap in Singapore. The most expensive is London.


  1. hmm.. i don't think such a comparison is fair. this kind of comparison is great for tourists as they will hav an idea how is it compared to their own countries.

    however... to judge whether taxi fares are getting too expensive, assuming most commuters are local,

    perhaps, we should see what is the average income vs taxi fare...

    say for e.g...
    an average british earns 2000pounds...
    and an avg. singaporean earns 2000sgd...

    a taxi trip in london costs 10
    pounds (1990 pounds left for spending)
    a taxi trip in sg costs 20 sgd...(1980 SGD left for spending)

    from the example, it is cheaper to flag a taxi in sg...
    but it is also taking a larger pie of our salary...

  2. most western,japan city taxi are not usually flag by their it is not really fair to compare with them.


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