Monday, August 4, 2008

My concept of a PRT

Here is my concept of a PRT (personal rapid transport). The system uses a pod carrying 4 passengers. It operates like a taxi without a driver. It runs on elevated guideways and is computer controlled. The PRT has the following advantages, compared to cars and taxis:

1. One pod can replace 10 cars, as it can be take many trips a day
2. It reduces traffic congestion as it runs on elegated guideways
3. It can operate smoothly compared to taxis, as the pods do not compete for business
4. The guideways can be lighter than the tracks used for LRT or MRT
5. The PRT is useful to provide a feeder service within a town.
6. The pods run on battery or electricity.

I believe that the economics will favor the use of the PRT.

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