Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pods wait for people

A PRT uses a pod. It typically seats 4 people. It waits for the passengers and moves away when the passengers enters the pod. This is more convenient that a bus or train, where people have to wait for the vehicle.

A pod is used like a car. The car waits for the owner. The owner arrives, enters the car and drives away.

If 100 people drives a car, the 100 cars are parked in the parking lot. This takes up a lot of space and is quite wasteful. At any time, perhaps 10 pods can serve the needs of 100 people. Each person orders a pod and uses it to move to the destination. The pod is then available for another person to use. As the 10 pods are moving nearly all the time, there is little need for parking space.

The use of pods will be more efficient than cars. It will be more convenient and economical. As the pod is automatically driven, there is no need for a person to drive the pod. It is like a taxi without a driver.

I believe that PRT will improve the transport system tremendously, especially for local transport (i.e within a town).

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