Saturday, August 9, 2008

Board the train last

Due to overcrowding, many passengers want to board the train first, in case the train is full.

If the passenger is taking a few stops, it is better to board the train last and stand near the door. Let the long distrance passengers can board the train first and move towards the center.

This will avoid squeezing pass passengers when the passenger wish to alight.


  1. This is ideal, but it takes time and education for the commuters to aware and understand the benefits of doing so. Train operators need to take up this portion of education to the commuters. If not, nothing of this sort will happen.

  2. Somehow, the default algorithm in human is the greedy algorithm. Actually, with some simple logic, people can find better algorithms. E.g. I prefer to board later, and then choose among the remaining seats so that I can avoid sitting next to some undesirable passengers.

    On education, if what I saw in Bangkok is true, where the boarding passengers queue up besides the door and only start to move in when the last alighting passengers are stepping out of the train, that's a good example to show on the MRT screens.


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