Thursday, August 7, 2008

Feeder service

We have to introduce feeder service like in Hong Kong. They are operated by small operators and given the freedom to run their service according to market demand. Many people find this service to be excellent.

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  1. Many people have commented on the excellent mini-bus system in Hongkong whcih provide a feeder service between the train station and the destination.

    Here are the positive reasons:

    1. They can get a mini-bus when they need it, especially during the busy hours. As this is deregulated, the enterprising operators will operate the minibus based on market demand.

    2. The minibus ply a certain route and can drop and pick up passengers anywhere along the route, except for the busy town areas where they are restricted to the stops (for control of traffic and safety).

    3. There is no fixed schedule. If there is no demand, it is likely that the service will not operate. In that case, the commuter can take a taxi or a scheduled bus.


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